Mass Loaded Vinyl


Mass Loaded Vinyl (4kgm2)
5 meters x 1.35 meters (6.75m2)

Product Description

Mass Loaded Vinyl
for Noise Control
Mass loaded vinyl flexible noise barrier is an easy to use and most effective means of  reducing noise through walls, timber and concrete floors and ceiling spaces in buildings and has many applications for use in automobiles, trucks, boats etc.
This product comes 4kg/m2 and has an R value of 26*.
Mass loaded vinyl provides excellent performance in reducing environmental noise from traffic and transport  and can be used effectively on drilling rigs, mine operations and many other areas.
Mass loaded vinyl is a specially designed material supplied in roll form, consisting of a high mass loaded vinyl barrier and a unique
reinforcing scrim for added tensile strength providing superior noise
resistance at both low and high frequencies.
Mass Loaded Vinyl
The day that mass loaded vinyl was introduced was the day that the
soundproofing world changed forever.
Mass loaded vinyl is one of the highest rated materials on the market today and was developed as a non-toxic replacement for lead sheeting. Often  referred to as a barium loaded limp polymer, Mass loaded vinyl consists of a high-grade vinyl material that is impregnated with barium sulphate to give it the same characteristics as lead. The secret of mass loaded vinyl is sheer mass and it’s ability to block unwanted sound transmission through walls, ceilings, and many other areas. Homeowners like the fact that mass loaded vinyl is safe for any room in the house.
Mass loaded vinyl has given the face of soundproofing a fresh new look and has proven itself to be a most effective sound blocking and reflective barrier material. It has surpassed the standards of other popular soundproofing products and remains at the forefront of the soundproofing industry for both effectiveness and affordability.
Mass loaded vinyl: Applications
• Exclusion of environmental noise in homes and
commercial buildings: Concrete and timber floors,
walls, ceilings.
• Partition wall linings, Strip curtains/drapes.
• Sound proof doors.
• Enclosures for compressors, fans, machinery
housings, speaker boxes, printer cabinets.
• Baffling for reduction of cross-talk, such as
• Cars, trucks, buses, ships, boats (as dash, flooring
mats) and engine housings.
• Curtains for reduction of environmental noise or as
room dividers.
• Mining barrier curtains.
* Simple to install, cut with knife.
* Extremely strong and resistant to tear.
* Naturally resistant to many chemicals.
* Made in Australia.
* Simple to nail, screw, and tape.
* Can be draped and curved to surfaces or used
  for long drops.
*Rw rating is a single number quantity summarising the transmission loss of a material over the frequency range from 100Hz to 3.15 kHz under AS/NZS 1276.1:1999. Independently tested.
NOTES: Specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice.
The information presented on this Data sheet represents “Typical” test results. It is furnished  to it’s customers for their guidance only. It is the customers responsibility to access the suitability and serviceability of the product for their particular application. The Manufacturer reserves the right to alter or amend a product without notice.
WARRANTY: The Manufacturer warrants the goods against defective workmanship and materials, it’s obligations being persuant to this express warranty being limited to the repair or replacement of any defective goods or materials as it’s option. To the extent permitted by law all implied conditions and warranties other than those implied by the Trade Practices Act are expressly excluded
This is for 1x Roll of
Mass loaded vinyl:
Pack size 1.35m x 5m – Roll
Coverage of 6.75m2 (4kg/m2)
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